Free Spell Checker: Get a Clue

Its always a good idea to use spell check and grammar check to proofreads you’re grammer.  The previous sentence was written incorrectly on purpose. It has been said that the difference among good spellers and bad spellers is recognition. Good spellers recognize misspelled words and correct them. Bad spellers have no clue. The same can be said of writers and grammar.  Using a spell and grammar checker online can make a big difference if you are a writer who does not have a clue.  Who benefits from doing this? Anyone who is trying to create a polished piece of writing. It can be a high school student working on a term paper, a doctoral student putting the finishing touches on their dissertation, or a freelance writer trying to provide unique content.

Running a spell and grammar check online is the fastest way to make sure a piece of writing is grammatically correct and all words are spelled correctly. With a free online spell check and grammar checker, both students and teachers benefit. Students who are either too shy or clueless to ask for help would improve their spelling and grammar skills. If students were required to use this free online service before turning in their writing assignments, they would have immediate feedback for corrections.  The amount of red ink and time correcting papers would be greatly reduced. Teachers would no longer direct students to the dictionary. Now, students would be directed to the online checker.

Remember, it’s always a good idea to use spell check and proofread your grammar. Use an online spell check and grammar checker and get a clue!